Hamburg-America line

Imperator's status as the world's largest ship was ceded before her maiden voyage. As her 909' hull neared completion, Cunard accounced the 910' Aquitania. The addition of a massive iron eagle on the bow stretched her overall length to 919', and she was once again the largest ship in the world. However, on her third voyage a huge wave washed the eagle away. Following WWI, she was taken by Great Britain and sailed under the name Berengaria. Plagued by vibration and electrical fires throughout her career, she was finally sold for scrap in 1938.

Below, a postcard of the Imperator (know known as Berengaria) from shortly after her transfer to Great Britain. Note the name Imperator still on her bow, the hand-stamped "Late" prefixing "R.M.S. Imperator" and "R.M.S Berengaria" (also hand-stamped) added on. This is obviously leftover Imperator stock being used up.